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"I was looking for a Wing Chun instructor, having seen and experienced some Wing Chun in my younger years.

Quite by chance I found Neil Parris and Central Wing Chun and went along for the free lesson that Neil advertises. From that first class I knew Neil was the Sifu for me.

He is meticulous in his explanation and demonstration of Wing Chun and the Form and what Wing Chun can do for you, irrespective of your previous martial arts experience or fitness levels. He also brings a worldly and practical philosophy to his Wing Chun instruction and cares about his students.

My first class was over 2 years ago and time has flown by. I can wholeheartedly recommend Neil as a teacher if you want to learn Wing Chun and he will remain my Sifu for as long as he is willing to teach me.

Neil's class has a friendly family atmosphere and everyone is there for one reason - to improve their Wing Chun and learn from each other along the way. Neil loves his art and loves teaching, holding nothing back in the development of his students and their Wing Chun knowledge."

Dominic Van Spall


Starting to learn a martial art at the mature age of 50 seemed an impossible challenge. I was unsure about whether I would be able to manage the physical demands, even if I could cope with the mental ones. I very quickly learnt from Neil that the power of Wing Chun was to come from within myself. Over the past three years Neil has been able to guide me through private and group lessons to learn to overcome my internal barriers. This has been key for me; finding someone who can tune in so closely to their students is rare, and having positive encouragement, constant challenge and a thorough, guided learning process has taught me a lot about myself. It takes a highly effective teacher to let the pupil learn about themselves while bringing them on a journey to learn Wing Chun.

Steve Miller


I feel so passionate about Central Wing Chun that I just had to write this. I've always wanted to learn a martial art. After some research, I decided it would be Wing Chun. I chose it because it was formed by a woman and strength doesn't come in to it, so it matters not the gender of your opponent. Being a teacher of an art myself, I knew I'd have to find the right Sifu (tutor) for me, especially as I know I can be awkward. Two and a half months ago a friend of mine recommended Sifu Neil Parris to me, the Founder of Central Wing Chun. Instantly from the first lesson I knew I had finally found the person who would teach me. The group class and the private class are equally beneficial in different ways. Both lessons are very intense, interesting and enjoyable, in fact you just don't know where the hour and a half disappears to, it seems to pass so fast. I knew I'd love learning Wing Chun however I didn't know it would be highly addictive. I believe Central Wing Chun ought to come with a warning sign saying "Be Aware, Highly Addictive" I just simply love it...

Samantha Scott


I have been doing WC for over 10 years and Neil is one of the best teachers I’ve met. I have been having classes with Neil for quite a while now and he is a guru/sifu in the truest sense in that, he not only is able to disseminate the essence of wing chun, but also the underlying philosophy and principles.

He really embodies the wing chun spirit and is a genuine and wonderful human being. He is patient and consistent in his teaching style, and never patronising or arrogant. His key strength is his communication, in that he is able to articulate to all levels, the various methods and their rationale, which is truly a rare trait. 

If he has accepted you as one of his students, then you are truly lucky

Brendan Pathmanaban


Having studied other martial arts for a few years I needed something different, something to fill the gaps. I found Central Wing Chun via a Google search over six months ago and have been training ever since! I enjoy the simplicity of Wing Chun and am impressed with its effectiveness in close quarters self defense. I'm not a big guy so learning something which doesn't rely on strength is invaluable. Most importantly, I enjoy the friendly collaborative atmosphere of the club and would recommend it to anyone.

Adrian Gray


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